Church of Saint John & Saint Mary
of Chappaqua, New York




  1. CONGRATULATIONS!  The priests, deacons, people and staff of our parish joyfully welcome you and your family at this special time.  The Baptism of your child is a wonderful event both in the life of your family and for our parish community. Through the Sacrament of Baptism, your child will receive the life of Christ and become a member of the Roman Catholic Church.  We are proud and happy to be part of this important event and to assist you as you bring your child to the waters of Baptism.
  2. PRELIMINARY STEPS:  In preparation for your child’s Baptism, we ask both parents to read all the information listed below. Then, please phone the Parish Office (238-3260) to register in the next Baptismal Preparation Class for Parents and to schedule a baptismal date. Baptisms must be scheduled through the Parish Office and may not be done so during the Baptismal Class. If you have already attended the class, please call the Parish Office to make arrangements for your child’s Baptism.  If you are not currently registered in the Parish, please let the Parish Office know so that a registration card may be filled out for your family.
  3. GODPARENTS:  A Godparent is defined as one who promises before God to be a faithful, practicing Catholic role-model for the godchild both now and for the future.  Godparents are representatives of the Catholic Community at the Baptism; they are living examples to the child of how life in Christ is lived.  And so:

-Godparents must be practicing Catholics: that is, they have to be baptized Catholics who are, at least, 16 years of age, have received the sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation and are currently leading a life in harmony with Catholic faith and teachings. If married, their marriage must be one recognized by the church.

-Baptismal Registration Form: can be filled out on line and returned to the Parish Office.

-Sponsor Forms: each godparent must have a Sponsor Certificate filled out from a priest of his/her parish and returned to Parish Office before the   baptism can be booked.

-Church law: only one godparent is required; no more than two are permitted. So, it is customary for parents to choose both a godmother and a godfather.

-In certain instances: instead of a second Catholic godparent, a baptized and practicing Christian of certain other Christian communities may stand up for the child as a “Christian Witness.”  (People of faith whose religion does not include Baptism – e.g., Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism – are ineligible to sponsor someone for a sacrament they have not themselves received, and therefore, cannot be godparents or sponsors.)

    4.  TIME OF BAPTISM: On the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month at 1:30 PM 
           in the Upper Church.

    5.  DATE OF BAPTISM: Your child’s baptism will be scheduled after the           following forms and the Baptismal Fee is received in the Parish Office:

A.  Completed Baptismal Registration Form (PDF)

B. Completed Godparent Sponsor Form (PDF)

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